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Last weekend I entered the Waupaca Arts Festival art show. The last time they had an in-person show was 2019, which was the first time I entered. It’s a large show with three entry classes – high school, non-professional, and professional. Seeing as how I only really get one day a week to work on art and only sell a handful of pieces a year, I entered as a non-professional. (I don’t think there’s anyone in any field who is considered a professional if they only work less than eight hours a week and make less than a thousand dollars a year.) I was very proud of the pieces I entered and knew that even if I didn’t win anything, which was likely, I wouldn’t be too disappointed because I felt good about my work. In the past I have entered shows as a painter and was always insecure, comparing my work to others’ and always feeling like I fell short. This year I knew I could hold my own, especially (and most importantly) in my own mind. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the judge agreed with me.

Second place!

Welcome back, friends!
It’s been more than six months since I closed my shop and went on an art hiatus. Like many people, I had burned myself out on doom scrolling and overtaxed my poor nervous system trying to keep up with everything I felt life was demanding of me. There was no room for creativity. Something had to change, drastically. I quit social media cold turkey, and I had fully intended to permanently halt my artistic endeavors.

The thing is, an artist has to art. After several months of rest and soul searching, I found myself making art again. Not only making art, but being excited about making art. I have abandoned painting and haven’t looked back, but I truly found my stride with wool felting. It’s so versatile I feel as if I will be challenged to learn and grow with it for a long time to come. My life still demands too much of me sometimes and I often struggle to find time to work on art, but now my creative soul has awakened. It calls to me and I must answer.

So come along with me and watch the creative journey unfold! My intention is to put out into the world the things I need and wish to see most – new perspectives, tranquility and rest, connection with nature, fun and whimsy, and pure joy. I hope my journey inspires you to answer the call of your own soul. Peace and joy to you!